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About Garland Hawthorn Brahe

Originally established in 1909, Garland Hawthorn Brahe, Sydney, continues the legacy of a professional firm providing relevant and commercial legal advice, with a focus on practical solutions and prompt service.


Throughout its history of professional service since that time, a key feature of the firm’s service is its steadfast commitment to its individual, corporate and institutional clients.  The firm is careful to protect and retain the style of personal service on which the firm was built and on which its reputation stands.


One of the firm’s significant assets is the knowledge, trust and friendship between individual lawyer and individual clients, forged and nurtured through the provision of legal service and advice.  The firm prides itself on the provision of practical, useful and commercial legal assistance, founded on these enduring relationships with clients – both family and business alike – in the rendering of astute and practical advice in many areas including property and commercial law, banking and finance, dispute resolution and succession planning.


In particular, the firm enjoys a longstanding and established expertise and reputation in the rural sector, based on more than a century of experience in this area.  All aspects of the pastoral and farming industries are dealt with by the firm, including Property Rights, Agriculture, Grazing, Water Rights law, Agribusiness and Farming Sector Financing.


Garland Hawthorn Brahe likewise maintains an acknowledged reputation and experience in the commercial litigation area with specialist involvement in the areas of financial services recovery and succession.

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